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Hunter Testimonials

Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer

If you are looking for a hardworking, dependable outfitter then look no further! I have archery hunted with Tyson 2 consecutive year for mule deer and have been very satisfied both times. Tyson grew up in the area he hunts so he knows the land and the land owners very well. He works very hard before season and during the hunt to ensure that the hunter has every opportunity to kill their animal. Accommodations in their house are excellent and Angie makes some wonderful meals to come home to. You will come as a guest but leave as a friend. I look forward to hunting with Tyson many more times in the future. I would be happy to answer and questions you may have about his operation.

Brian Schroyer
Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer

I'm now a "threepeat" hunter with Tyson Mackin and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our adventures together . His hunting area is rich with game and multiple mature, trophy mule deer bucks are spotted daily. I have hunting extensively in North America, and Tyson's spot and stalk skills are unsurpassed. Tyson, and his wife Angie, open up their home to their hunters and they create together a hunting experience that I would like to enjoy each and every year. I plan on returning next year to the Porcupine Hills of Alberta.

JR Kellogg
Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer

I am set for my third year in a row to bow hunt Mule Deer with Tyson Mackin of Mackin Outfitting in Claresholm, Alberta. The past two years I have bow hunted Mulies with my son-in-law Brian under the guidance of one of the best outfitters that I have ever hunted with. We have taken two beautiful bucks and missed another monster. I have been on over 75 outfitted hunts in North America so I have a lot to compare Tyson with.

Tyson cut his teeth in the Northwest Territories guiding for 10 years. He guided for sheep, moose and caribou working for one of the premier outfits in the Northwest Territory. I believe that this is where he got a sense of how to handle and what to expect from his clients.

Tyson has decided to keep his outfit small and personal which makes it a pleasure knowing who you will be hunting with and who will be guiding you. You stay in his beautiful home or one of his well outfitted camps. Tyson’s wife Angie is directly involved with all aspects of the business and they are a great team.

The past two years of hunting with Tyson have produced between 50 – 60 bucks sited each year. Tyson has thousands of acres of private land all to himself. I have hunted the opening week of the archery Mule Deer season the past two years and never saw another hunter. I did see lots of deer, elk, bear, moose, eagles and many other species of wildlife and birds.

Over the years, when I find a good outfitter I stick with them and hunt with them over and over again, hunting their various species they have to offer or just sticking with one animal. I feel very comfortable knowing what I am getting into and the outfitter knows me and what to expect out of me.

Tyson certainly is at the top of his game in all aspects of the hunt. You cannot go wrong hunting with Tyson and I welcome anyone calling me to discuss his operation and what I have experienced so far. On September 1st of this year, I will we crawling around the foothills of the Rockies in Southern Alberta with Tyson again and am counting the days until I leave for Alberta.

Dale Gaugler
Macungie, PA
Alberta Coyote Hunting


I've now been on two late winter coyote hunts with Tyson Mackin in south central Alberta. When you spend time in Alberta with Tyson you end up with more than a hunt; you get an Experience. Tyson was born and raised right in the country that we hunted. He took me to places I never thought I would actually get to hunt. I wanted to hunt big country. We covered big country that I didn't even realize existed. This part of the world offers some of the highest density of coyotes numbers anywhere with the richest fur as a bonus. We conversed with coyotes using howls and distress calls every single day - some days it was every single stand. We saw and chased gray wolves! We saw moose, elk, muleys, whitetails, eagles, mountain lion and at least 12 or more coyotes each day of my hunt. My trips would have been great with or without all the coyotes. Coyotes and all the other wildlife ended up being just a part of the Experience for me. Tyson and his family made sure that I took home more than fur. Tyson made sure I took home a part of the Alberta attraction that has kept him there his whole life. My experiences with the Mackins have been first-class experiences all the way. I look forward to my next Experience. Thanks again

JB Eanes
Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer

A Hunt with Mackin Outfitters is more than just an extraordinary time in the field with an abundance of superior bucks to choose from. Tyson and Angie welcome you into their home and make you feel like a member of their family.

Great Hunt, great meals, great accommodations, make for a great experience. Hope to do it again. Thanks again

Ron and Brad Sigler
Alberta Mule Deer Bowhunting

Archery Mule Deer

Hunting with Tyson Mackin, owner of Mackin Outfitting, inspires confidence in success. He knows what he is doing. From my first discussion with him about his approach to mule deer hunting with bow and arrow, I was impressed with his knowledge of them and their habits. For example, when we discussed stalking them in their beds, he made sense when he said it was possible to get too close. They have a sixth sense that inexplicably tells them when danger lurks nearby and Tyson thinks that if you get much closer than 30 yards from where they are bedded, they can pick you off with just that sixth sense, especially the mature bucks that just seem to just know that something is amiss... Click To Read More

Russell Nichols
archery mule deer hunting alberta canada

Archery Mule Deer

I've been on over 20 guided hunts and I must say I put Mackin Outfitting at the top of my list. When looking to go on a hunt I look for outfitters that cater to bow hunters, when Bow Hunting Safari Consultants booked me on this hunt in 2007 I knew after just a few days that I would be hunting with here multiple times. On this hunt I harvested a great 6x7 buck and three years later missed a monster. I have hunted all across North America and I believe this is the best operation I have been to too date.  You will not find a guide slash outfitter that works harder for his clients then Tyson.  Look forward to our hunt this year and many more after that. 

Eric Kuhlman
Oakwood, Ohio
Alberta mule deer bowhunting

mule deer bowhunting alberta canada
Archery Mule Deer

Fellow Archers,
This past September I traveled to southern Alberta with my good friend Eric Kuhlman for my first spot and stalk Mule Deer hunt. Eric had hunted with Tyson a couple years earlier and took an awesome 180” class Mule Deer. Prior to the hunt Eric had told me so many good things about this hunt that let’s just say I couldn’t wait for the hunt to begin.

First, the accommodations and hospitality that Tyson and his wife Angie provide is top notch. I felt like a member of the family while I was there and that is as much as anyone could ask for when being away from home.

Now to the hunting, Tyson’s vast stretches of private land access on the Rockies eastern slope is so game rich. We saw Moose, Black Bear, herds of Elk and large numbers of Mule Deer nearly every day. The terrain consisting of rolling hills, ridge tops, draws and coulees offer endless glassing looking for that one animal to ignite your predatory instincts. Spotting and stalking mule deer is just that “predatory”. If your experience has been primarily hunting Whitetails via treestands as much of mine has I urge you to consider this style of hunting. It is a blast. Should you pursue your first spot and stalk Mule Deer hunt or if you are already hooked on it contact Tyson. He is an expert at his craft and I’m assured your overall hunting experience there will resonate with you for years to come. I know it will for me.

Thanks again Tyson and Angie for the experience and adventure.

Brian Bauer
Oakwood, Ohio
Alberta Cougar Hunting
Alberta elk hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting
Mule Deer, Cougar and Elk (repeat hunter)

My first connection with Mackin Outfitting was at our SCI fundraiser in Lansing Mi in 2007. After talking with Tyson Mackin, I bought his donated rifle mule deer hunt. The hunt was very good I took a nice old buck.

For the spring of 2009 I booked a cougar hunt after seeing the size of his cats. I was able to get a great cat after a lot of work,and fun. I am going back for another cat in 2012. In 2009 I bought the donated bow mule deer for my son in law Dean Miller. Dean and Tyson hit it off as both are good bow hunters. Dean took a great deer.

For the fall of 2009 I hunted a combo. elk and mule deer hunt in the mountains. The weather was rough with snow and wind, we packed in with horses and tent. It was a great time, we did not find a trophy buck and moved to a new area where we took a nice six point bull elk.

Fall of 2010 Tyson and I were once again in the hills this time for Shiras moose. The first day was minus 34F. With Tyson"s persistence He put me on a nice bull on day five.

Mackin Outfitting is a small hands on outfit. Tyson"s beautful wife will keep you fed and comfortable in their new home. I can't say enough good things about this operation.Check out the photos, and give Tyson and Angie a call.

Nick Jorae
Laingsburg, Mi
Alberta mule deer hunting Mule Deer

Tyson and Angie,

I wanted to thank you for providing a great Mule Deer adventure. Not only did we get an opportunity shoot a trophy mule deer, but you provided me with great hospitality and friendship. I would definitely recommend your guide service to anyone and I look forward to another adventure in the future.

Ronald Goffman
East Gull Lake, Minnesota
Alberta mule deer hunting Mule Deer

This was my first hunt with Mackin Outfitting but I am sure there will be more in the future. The hospitality was much more than I ever expected. Ty, Angie and Jessica made me welcome and treated me as an old friend.

The amount of private land we hunted seemed endless and no other hunters! Everyday we were glassing and stalking different groups with good bucks everywhere. Tyson worked hard and never complained if I turned down lesser bucks, looking for the best one.

Greg Kenyon
Mule Deer (repeat hunter)

If you are looking for exceptional guiding services I would strongly recommend Tyson. Beyond the comfortable meals and lodging that was provided his knowledge, skill and experience in Hunting is invaluable!

I have appreciated hunting a wide range of land exclusively controlled by him and never saw another hunter. I was able to enjoy viewing a variety of wildlife everyday and patient enough to harvest a very nice Mule Deer.

Michael Closser
Bainbridge Island, Wa
Mackin Outfitting Alberta Canada Mule Deer

Tyson and Angie make you feel like you are hunting with long time friends. They welcomed us into their home and made a great week on hunting truly memorable. The hunting is first class with great stalkable terrain and multiple stalks on 160" plus bucks. I've hunted for Mule Deer numerous times, several in Alberta, and Mackin Outfitting is at the top of the list."

John Barklow
Kodiak, AK

Mule Deer hunts with Mackin Outfitting Mule Deer

"It was truly a great place for spot and stalk hunting. I harvested a great Mule Deer the second day of my bow hunt and I saw a lot of game each day. I hope to return in the future to hunt Shiras Moose, or Elk." I would recommend this hunt to anyone... Dean Miller"

Dean Miller
Frederic, MI

Alberta Mule Deer Hunts Mule Deer (repeat hunter)

Great Country, Great Guide, Great Results. Don't know how you could ever get more " Bang for your Buck" on any hunting trip. The best of everything from start to finish.

Chuck Shinabarger
Bozeman, MT
Mule Deer Bowhunting Alberta Canada Mule Deer (repeat hunter)

My archery elk hunt with Mackin Outfitting was just as exciting as my previous archery hunt with them where I took a nice 4x4 mule deer. The first day of my elk hunt I had a 5X5 at 30 yards, but could not get around for a good shot. On the third day I had another opportunity that did not work out. I had other exciting stalks on some nice bulls throughout the week. The hunt, food and accommodations were excellent and I look forward to hunting with Tyson and Angie again in the future. They are great people. "Great Hunting Experience"

Roger Casterline
New York

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